Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)

Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)

Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)

以下影片內容是最強大力士(strongest man),也是有大力士祖父之稱的nick best介紹一個關於如何在鍛煉前進食的方法。

Hey guys, welcome back to another video, today we’re going to be talking about the best things to eat before you workout. Foods can really make or break your workouts. So this is really going to help you get a better workout and a better pump and be able to  help you train better.


Alright, so the first thing you want to do is get a good meal with carbohydrates whether it’s rice, potatoes, some type of oatmeal and a good amount of it about two hours before you work out. That way it’s not sitting in your stomach as you’re trying to train and taking blood away from your muscles. So definitely do that. I try to get in, got two to three hundred maybe 400 grams before I train which is a pretty good size meal. It’ll be like a big bowl of rice and then I’ll throw a little bit of dextrose on top of that to get more carbs in and that’s kind of what I eat before I work out but there you can also do oatmeal and you can also do like some potatoes, stuff like that. If you’re trying to be leaner, you know you can slice up your potatoes and cook them and eat them like chips. But I would definitely eat that about two hours before you work out.


Now, that being said, about a half hour before you work out, you want to get your pre-workout in, that way it gets in, it hits, it’s going, but you don’t get a blood sugar drop or get that really uneasy feeling while you’re training. So you want to hit that about a half hour before you work out. Now I use Defeat by Cerberus as my my pre-workout. I only use half a scoop. Do not get dependent on your pre-workouts for you to have a good training session. They’re useful tool but don’t go overboard on. Now I do too, take a full scoop of the Destroy. The Destroy is an intra workout and it’s full of electrolytes so that helps. I mix them at the same time, I sip on the whole thing slowly. I don’t done at once. I’ve done about half of it right away, and then I sip on the rest of it throughout the workout, and then replenish my water back into the glass that I’m drinking out of.


So those are a few tips. It’ll give you a much better, much cleaner workout. This one’s short today. If you like this, please hit like. Oh my god dude I’m dying today. I’m going through a painful and slow death trying to get this outro. On this really short video if you like this please like it and subscribe, hit the notifications so that you don’t miss any little tidbits of knowledge that gets passed down and anything that could possibly help you work out. And as always train hard, train smart and be the best you can be.


Nick Best


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Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)



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