The best exercises for athletes with strongman Nick Best(大力士Nick Best教運動員如何訓練)

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The best exercises for athletes with strongman Nick Best(大力士Nick Best教運動員如何訓練)-中英文

Hey everybody today I’m going to go over the best exercises for some of the sports that you play. These movements are exercises that will carry over well and directly impact your game. If you like this video, make sure you leave a like and let’s get into it.

First one we’re going to talk about is football. Your lower body and your feet are probably the most important thing in it, so first exercise is going to be squats. You have to have explosive legs, you need to fight off into things and you need to hit things really hard. Next power cleans, this directly affects when you’re snapping in there. You’re tackling so you explode with your hips through the tackle, and it will greatly impact the force that you can tackle somebody with. So that’ll make a big difference. And the last one is actually incline press not bench press, because rarely you’re standing up doing this in football, you’re like this. This is your incline press, so incline press is going to directly impact your football. So those are three exercises for football. If you want to see more on football, comment below, and I’ll give you a more in-depth video about football.
首先我們要談的是橄欖球。從事這個運動最重要的部位是你的下半身以及腳,所以第一個練習是深蹲(squats)。你必須要擁有具爆發力的雙腿,因為你需要擊退其他東西,你也會大力的撞擊某些東西。第二項練習是瞬發上搏(power cleans),這可以直接幫助你當你發球進攻(snap)的時候。你擒抱的時候爆發力會從臀部啟動,這個練習可以大大增強你擒抱他人時的力量。這個練習能帶來很大的改變。最後一項練習是斜板握推(incline press),並不是仰臥推舉(bench press),因為打橄欖球的時候,你很少會站的直挺挺的做推這個動作,你會像是這樣的推出去。這就是你的斜板握推,所以斜板握推的練習將能直接幫助你打橄欖球。這是為了打橄欖球而做的三項練習動作。如果你想要看到更多關於橄欖球的意見,請在下方留言,我會給你更多關於橄欖球的詳細影片。

Next is basketball. The three impact exercises going to carry over basketball are clearly squats. Because you have to jump, so you have to have explosively strong legs. Next will also be power cleans, a lot like football, but again this will assist your jumping and it’ll allow you to jump higher with more explosive force. Next will be shoulders, shoulder press. The stronger your shoulders are, because you got to hold your hands up in the air a lot when you’re shooting. And you also keep people off with your elbows, so your shoulders are very important in basketball. So if you want more exercises on basketball, please comment below.
接下來要談的是籃球。很顯然的,深蹲(squat)是三項能夠幫助籃球運動的練習之一。因為你需要跳躍,所以要擁有具有爆發力的強壯雙腿。第二項練習也是瞬發上搏(power cleans),這跟橄欖球很像,這項運動可以幫助你跳躍,能夠讓你跳得更高也更有爆發力。接下來是肩膀的練習,肩上推舉(shoulder press)。你的肩膀需要變得更強壯,因為投籃的時候你會常常將雙手舉高維持在空中。另外你也需要用手肘防守其他人,所以在籃球運動中你的肩膀非常重要。如果你想要知道更多關於籃球的訓練方式,請在下方留言。

Next up will be hockey. Now with hockey, squats are going to be very important because you guys also have to have explosive legs. You have to be able to just tear off across the ice. Next will be side lunges, not just regular lunges, side lunges. Because you’re always pushing off, going to the left and to the right with your legs. And side lunges simulate that a whole lot better than regular lunges do. And the last one will be sled drags. Now, not triple sledge drags where you grab this way and pull. You get a truck pull harness and you pull the sled, but you put your feet like you would when you’re skating, at the same angle, and you drag the sled that way. Developing, you know, your power and pushing out your legs. Those are the three for hockey. If you want more hockey exercises, please comment below.
下一個要講的是曲棍球。對於曲棍球運動,深蹲是非常重要的,因為你們需要有非常有爆發力的雙腿。你需要能夠橫越冰面衝刺。接下來的練習是弓箭步(side lunges),不是正面的弓箭步而是側弓步。因為你的腿部總是在推滑,用你的腿滑向左邊然後滑向右邊。而側弓步很好的模擬了這個動作,比正面的弓箭步好的多。最後一項是拉雪橇訓練(sled drag)。現在,(譯註:02:18)並不是三點式拉雪橇這樣的拉繩跟出力。你用一條拉卡車用的繩具(truck pull harness),然後拉雪橇,你的腳擺放的方式像你在滑冰的時候一樣,相同的角度,你用這樣的方式拉雪橇。這些是曲棍球的三種加強訓練方式。如果你想要知道更多關於曲棍球的練習,請在下方留言。

All right and last is soccer. With soccer, your footwork’s very important, so jumping rope will help you a lot with your footwork and your foot speed. And foot speed is really important, you can do ladders or whatever, but there’s nothing quite like jumping rope to work on your feet ,so that would be one. Two, circuit training, you have to do a lot of cardiovascular output and you’re always running different speeds throughout the whole game and circuit training would directly apply to that. And last will be lunges. Because you have to take some pretty hard steps and plant and turn and everything else, and lunges will greatly help strengthen your legs. So when you have to make good cutting movements you’ll be able to do that. If you like this or want to hear more about soccer, and things you can do to train for it, leave a comment below.
好的,最後要講的是足球。踢足球的時候,你的腳步動作非常重要,所以跳繩可以大大的幫助你的步法還有你腳的速度。腳的速度真的很重要,你可以做繩梯(ladders)之類的訓練,但這些都沒有跳繩對你的腳的幫助那麼大,所以跳繩是一項。第二個是循環訓練(circuit training),足球運動中你需要很大的心血管輸出量,整場比賽過程你一直用不同的速度奔跑,所以循環訓練可以直接適用在這個狀況。最後一項練習是弓箭步。因為你有時候需要踩踏很重的步伐、起跳、轉身諸如此類,而弓箭步可以大大幫助強化你的雙腿。因而當你需要做一些快速衝刺的動作時,你可以做得到。如果你喜歡我說的或者想要知道更多關於足球的訓練,請在下面留言。

If you want to see video of a more in-depth breakdown of that sport, and the exercises that are good for it, comment down below and we’ll make that video for you. So don’t forget to subscribe. And train hard, train smart, and we’ll see you next time.

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Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)

Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)

Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)

以下影片內容是最強大力士(strongest man),也是有大力士祖父之稱的nick best介紹一個關於如何在鍛煉前進食的方法。

Hey guys, welcome back to another video, today we’re going to be talking about the best things to eat before you workout. Foods can really make or break your workouts. So this is really going to help you get a better workout and a better pump and be able to  help you train better.


Alright, so the first thing you want to do is get a good meal with carbohydrates whether it’s rice, potatoes, some type of oatmeal and a good amount of it about two hours before you work out. That way it’s not sitting in your stomach as you’re trying to train and taking blood away from your muscles. So definitely do that. I try to get in, got two to three hundred maybe 400 grams before I train which is a pretty good size meal. It’ll be like a big bowl of rice and then I’ll throw a little bit of dextrose on top of that to get more carbs in and that’s kind of what I eat before I work out but there you can also do oatmeal and you can also do like some potatoes, stuff like that. If you’re trying to be leaner, you know you can slice up your potatoes and cook them and eat them like chips. But I would definitely eat that about two hours before you work out.


Now, that being said, about a half hour before you work out, you want to get your pre-workout in, that way it gets in, it hits, it’s going, but you don’t get a blood sugar drop or get that really uneasy feeling while you’re training. So you want to hit that about a half hour before you work out. Now I use Defeat by Cerberus as my my pre-workout. I only use half a scoop. Do not get dependent on your pre-workouts for you to have a good training session. They’re useful tool but don’t go overboard on. Now I do too, take a full scoop of the Destroy. The Destroy is an intra workout and it’s full of electrolytes so that helps. I mix them at the same time, I sip on the whole thing slowly. I don’t done at once. I’ve done about half of it right away, and then I sip on the rest of it throughout the workout, and then replenish my water back into the glass that I’m drinking out of.


So those are a few tips. It’ll give you a much better, much cleaner workout. This one’s short today. If you like this, please hit like. Oh my god dude I’m dying today. I’m going through a painful and slow death trying to get this outro. On this really short video if you like this please like it and subscribe, hit the notifications so that you don’t miss any little tidbits of knowledge that gets passed down and anything that could possibly help you work out. And as always train hard, train smart and be the best you can be.


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Nick Best:HOW TO EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT (WHAT TO DO!!!)- 訓練前如何吃(怎麼做?)



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